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                  Парамоновские (Максимовские) склады
                  Парамоновские (Максимовские) склады
                  One of the attractions of the city of Rostov-on-Don considered picturesque ruins Paramonovskih warehouses, which are located near the Coast street. This land is known to I-II century AD, which was located on one of the ancient settlements Meotian. At the end of the XVIII century, during the construction of shipyards here, and later - retail stores, found many artifacts that are now stored in the city museum. Yakunin engineers built warehouses and Shulman, which was considered a natural feature of the slopes of the Don Beach - beating all year round springs. Skillful builders built trough under spring water and let these troughs through warehouses. By the beginning of XX century the embankment was built up warehouses, barracks and warehouses, as the banks of the Don brisk trade, mainly dispatched grain, coal, wood, hemp. Now the ruins of eleven buildings, most of which are included in property Maximovykh merchants (known throughout Russia, as did business from the Urals to the Black Sea, the headquarters of the family firm was in Rostov), and two belonged to the merchants Paramonov. Today, a thick wall of the old red brick with elements of Romanesque architecture and classicism, somewhat reminiscent of castle ruins. On the facades of warehouses in Backboard space are round holes used to suction through the grain canvas sleeve from the second floor to the level of the promenade. Grain here reloaded onto barges and sent abroad. Under the age-old brick walls of masonry beat springs, which were naturally "fridge" for grain storage. So, in the premises creates a microclimate with a constant temperature floor on which grain was stored longer and refractive. During the Great Patriotic War in one of these buildings bomb hit, breaking the cooling system. However, even during the last years of the USSR warehouses used for their intended purpose, they kept cement, building materials and so on. In 1985 Paramonovskie warehouse became a historical monument first local and then federal, kind of symbol of the era of merchant culture of the port city.