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                  Памятник императрице Елизавете Петровне
                  Памятник императрице Елизавете Петровне
                  June 27, 2007 in Pokrovsky square of Rostov-on-Don in front of Staro-Pokrovsky church - the place where the city began the history of the monument was inaugurated by Empress Elizabeth - founder of Rostov-on-Don. In 2006 he was declared a competition to design a monument to Empress Elizabeth. In the Don Public Library were presented six sculptures - works that many of the Town Planning Board chose. Within a few months Rostov left their comments and suggestions about what exactly the monument should decorate the historic center of Rostov. June 20, 2006 summed up the competition a special commission. It includes architects, historians and representatives of the city administration. Don won the project known artist Sergei Oleshnya, whose sculptures and memorials installed in Azov, Elista, Voronezh, Dortmund and other cities. Its height of more than 7 meters (sculpture - 3.5 meter pedestal - 3.7 meters). Sculptors closely examined hundreds of portraits of the Empress, spent dozens of hours studying fashion of the time and ornaments to be accurate down to the smallest detail. Authors ordered earrings and crown Empress at this jeweler who recreated replicas of the jewelry worn by Elizabeth herself. This work was made ​​famous jeweler Don Alexander Orda. Copies of jewelry made ​​of bronze. On the hand, in which the Empress holds a decree sculptors depicted bracelet, with whom Elizabeth never parted, as presented by her father. It is said that when she went to the people, dressed in costume officer, tried to raise her arm to learn - whether eto.Figura queen Elizabeth, high relief, salaries and decrees made ​​of bronze and weighs about 3 tons, the weight of the granite pedestal - about 50 tons. Elizabeth sculpture by sculptor Sergei and Anatoly Oleshnya Dement'ev with architect Vladimir Fomenko. Artists performed curly high relief : the image of the Voronezh and Eletski Archbishop Arseny, blessed the construction of the fortress of St. Dimitri of Rostov, Ataman of the Don Cossacks Daniel Ephraim, head of the construction of the fortress military engineer AI Rigelman, its first commandant Maj. Gen. Somov. The construction of this monument to start a big project, dedicated to perpetuating the history and customs Temernik fortress of St. Dimitry of Rostov. Today Empress casts his gaze streets and houses the Don capital like watching how mutates and grows erected by her order city.