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                  Кромлехи епохи енеоліту
                  Кромлехи епохи енеоліту
                  A unique reminder of Archaeology, which includes 12 stone 6 cromlechs and bookmarking the end V - the beginning of the IV century BC During construction Historical and Cultural Complex "Zaporozhye Sich" in 2005 it was discovered a series of stone bookmarks. Further archaeological excavations and research, produced in 2006-2008, made it possible to discover and explore the 12 cromlechs - circular structures made of stones, and 6 different sizes of stone bookmarks. This religious complex is related to the Bronze Age located here Kurgan group, which is the largest on the island of Khortytsya. Furthermore, not far from the complex cromlechs found are the remains of the sanctuary. This close location of the cult objects suggests that they belong to a single sacred complex of gigantic proportions. This religious complex is one of the most interesting among the shrines of Khortytsya. Firstly, it has a very high safety of virtually all structural elements. And yet it is - one of the most ancient sanctuaries, it has more than 5500 years! These structures were built by representatives kvityanskoy culture at the end of V - the beginning of IV millennium BC. After all the research cult complex was renovated at the level of the modern ground surface, and is now available for inspection by all visitors to the island Khortytsya.