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                  Святилище скіфської епохи
                  Святилище скіфської епохи
                  Sanctuary in the form of a circular stone bookmark in a pine forest near the Black Rock, which dates back to V-IV centuries. BC. This stone structure is well hidden from the eye, as is right in the forest. Landmark, where you can quite easily find a sanctuary - a fence bounding the camp "The Seagull" from the northwest. Not far from the place where the fence makes the angular rotation, and it is located a stone laying. The design has the shape of a ring with a small bulge ring diameter - 4.8-4.9 m. In the central part of the space has a rounded shape, not filled with stones. The diameter of the central area - 1.8-1.2 m. The inner edge of the stone ring somewhat more pronounced than the outside. The design consists of stones mostly small and medium-sized (up to half a meter) dimensions, mostly chipped stones, loose, tight-fitted to each other. Under the tab in the center of the contour was identified burial oval 1.9h0.7 m, stretched on the west-east axis. The western part of the burial has traces of predatory Prokop. In the western part of the identified three vertically arranged granite blocks which are here, obviously, after the work of robbers. At the time of burial of these stones on top, over the grave. The depth of the bottom of the burial pit - 150 cm. Scraping discovered burial of human growth up to 1.7 m, laid on his back stretched. The robbers destroyed the upper part of the skeleton, the safety has been extremely poor. Dating construction can be for only a few fragments of ancient pottery found among the rocks above tab burial.