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                  Національний парк "Межигір’я"
                  Національний парк "Межигір’я"
                  +380 (98) 416-52-52
                  +380 (50) 226-71-54
                  +380 (63) 416-42-46
                  +380 (50) 664-00-80
                  +380 (97) 287-88-74
                  If to add to the mountain valley the Dnipro waves and generously spice them with bright nature, an extraordinary beauty will be born, for which a lot of applicants will appear as the owner of the property. It is such a story - in the famous tract Mezhygirya.  Mezhyhirya National Park was famous as the former residence of V. Yanukovych (2002-2014). After the events of EuroMaydan, the territory that used to be behind the seven castles was opened to visitors and shook the world with a pompous luxury. Now this is one of the best and cleanest places to relax in the Kiev region, where everyone can get there. About the scale of the complex: - 140-hectare complex "Mezhygirya" fenced by a five-meter fence along the perimeter. On its territory there is a yacht mooring, a horse club, a shooting range, a tennis court and other entertaining and tourist complexes, as well as hunting grounds. - About 200 people work in Mezhyhirya. - Group excursion, which includes a story about the mysteries of the history of Mezhyhirya and an overview of the main structures of the escaping president, lasts 2.5 hours. Horse Club allows you to get acquainted with breed horses and ponies, learn horseback skills with an instructor, and hold a photo session. In the kinologicheskom club there are 32 dogs of 9 breeds. The former house of Yanukovych is a kind of Ukrainian Versailles that has no analogues. The terrace offers wonderful views of the Kiev Sea. Garage with retrotransport, which holds 35 retro cars and 7 motorcycles. Among them is one of the three existing cars in the world ZIL 2009, Audi 1938. The zoo has 14 ostriches and the same number of pheasants, antelopes, moufflons, donkeys, llamas, and rare peacocks. In the waters near the floats geese, ducks, swans. Home farm - cows, sheep, goats, poultry of various breeds. According to visitors reviews, you can buy milk here. There is also a cascade of artificial lakes, bunker, helicopter ground, greenhouses, yachts, tennis courts, swimming pools, saunas, arbors, sculptures, gas stations, salt cave.