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                  Парк "Хрещатий"
                  Парк "Хрещатий"
                  Kreschaty Park is located in downtown Kiev. Incredibly beautiful view of the Dnieper and the old part of town - Hem from the terrace of the park. The main entrance is located on the European area, and then park stretches along the slopes of the Dnieper. Kreschaty park in Kiev has a long and rich history of various events. Initially its name - Garden Merchants Assembly. Many historians believe that if not for the current State Philharmonic of Ukraine, the park and at all would not exist. It all began with the fact that in 1882 at the beginning of the Vladimir descent (at the time it was Alexander Street), designed by architect Nikolaeva building was constructed Merchants Assembly. The building has an excellent acoustics, so there are often held chamber music concerts, organized a garden party, concerts, dances and, accordingly, the whole color of the Kiev Society going in this place. The building Merchants Meeting adjoined about 12 hectares. land, the area eventually was ennobled and became known as the Merchant's garden. In 1899-1901. Project Edward Bradtmana in the Park Summer Theatre was built, consisting of a summer club and open concert stage. Summer stage has been implemented in the form of shells, and near it a statue of Apollo holding a lyre. Kievans gathered in the park to hear speakers are celebrities. This fact has won the Garden Merchants Assembly fame as one of the most popular holiday destinations citizens. After the revolutionary events of 1917 Merchant Assembly ceased to operate in its building housed Philharmonic, located here, and to this day. In 1930, the park was renamed in the proletarian. At the entrance installed a giant statue of the Red Army, the material for the creation of which was taken from the ruined granite monument. After some time on the same pedestal stood a statue of Stalin. It was a temporary monument, it was established until the development of a permanent monument to the "father of nations." In 1923 the building of the Merchants' Meeting was opened Philharmonic. In 1935, the current Kreschaty park in Kiev was transferred to the Palace of Pioneers. Accordingly, he began to be known as Pioneer. Park has undergone significant reconstruction: several of pavilions were built, and in the years 1936-1937 in the park appeared Children's Theatre Dnieper, its facade is decorated with original mosaic in the form of fairy-tale of the Firebird. In 1970, at the bottom of the park adjacent to the street Grushevskogo, a monument was erected Grigory Petrovsky - a well-known public figure in Ukraine. In 1982, the summer stage was dismantled and in its place appeared a monument called the reunification of Ukraine and Russia, whose opening was timed to the 60 th anniversary of the Soviet Union. The monument is a huge steel arch, under which there are bronze sculptures of workers - Russian and Ukrainian, containing the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Now it is called the Arch of Friendship of Peoples. Nearby is a monument in honor of Pereiaslav Rada, made of red granite. In spite of all historical vicissitudes that have gone through Kreschatomu park in Kiev, he was, and remains one of the most popular holiday destinations.