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                  П'ятницька церква
                  П'ятницька церква
                  Contemporary "Tale of Igor" - Friday Church built in the late 12th - early 13th century. Perhaps with "the master is not easy" - the famous builder of ancient Petra Meloneha in the territory of Chernihiv office at bargaining. This explains its name in honor Paraskieva - Protecting trade. This is one of the most interesting and mysterious temples, built in Ukraine in the pre-Mongol period. The Church is the embodiment of the highest stage of development of architecture of Russia. At its core chetyrehstolpny cross-dome church. Externally, the building looks like a slender tower is almost square in plan, topped with a slender dome, which thanks to the original transition from a rectangular base to the dome, creating a dynamic characteristic of desire up and piramidalnosti completion. Very bold builders of the church decided to design walls that are based on ancient Roman Murovani technique "in the drawer", ie the gap between the inner and outer rows of brick masonry filled with plaster, concrete, and at the same thickness of choirs in the western, southern and northern walls of the passages made gallery associated with window-embrasures. And maybe not for nothing is the legend of a great role in the defense Friday Church in Chernigov in October 1239, during the attack the Mongol-Tatars. By 1786 the church was the main monastery building Pyatnytskyi (which just is not preserved cells treated with St John the Baptist church, refectory and bell tower of the temple Procopius). As a result, restorations and reconstructions 17-19 century. Church turned into semybannyy Baroque church with bell tower, rotunda. As such, the church existed before the Great Patriotic War, while in 1943 not affected by the explosion of bombs. As a result of post-war reconstruction, under the direction of PD Baranovsky NV and Kholostenko was restored in its original form of Old Rus. This restoration is ambiguous feelings. On the one hand, and all of Ukraine Chernihiv enriched the church a unique example of the latter period of the ancient state, reduced to a very professional manner with almost absolute certainty, on the other hand, must regret that was not restored to a wonderful church in the Ukrainian Baroque style. Most of these churches were destroyed in the 30 years of 20V. throughout Ukraine.