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                  Місто Васильків
                  Місто Васильків
                  City (37.3 thousand) of regional subordination, the district center, located on steep valley. Stugna. It was founded in 988 by Prince Volodymyr the Great, and originally named his Christian name - Vassilev. In times of Kievan Rus, it was well-fortified fortress with earthen walls and moats, which are often used constantly warring princes as an important reference point. In 1157, in honor of his new master's son Prince of Kiev Vasilko Yurevich city becomes the cornflower. After the devastating raids of the Mongols in 1240, the city zahirel and for centuries has become a wretched village. Only in the 70-ies. XVI century. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra began to recover his former fiefdom - built new fortifications (fragments of earthen ramparts still exist), the castle and in 1586 made for Vasilkova Magdeburg right. During the Liberation War in 1648-1654. it was one-hundredth place of Kiev regiment. In 1786 the property was held secularization of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and in 1797, was held on the accession of Ukraine to the Right Bank of the Russian Empire. Despite the loss of value cornflower border town, he continued to be a traditional place of deployment of the military. In 1821 in Tulchin was formed secret revolutionary organization - the Southern Society of Decembrists. In Vasilkov was one of three offices located in Ukraine, a society which was headed by C. Ants-Apostol and N. Bestuzhev-Rumin. On the eve of the new 1826 they rebelled Chernigov regiment and captured the city, but less than a week as they were defeated. In the Soviet Union very honored Decembrists, calling them harbingers of the October Revolution of 1917. In 1976. 150 years of the uprising, it was noted on one of the city's central square a monument Decembrists. In Vasilkovo survived only one architectural monument of the civil - administrative building (1817), which housed the headquarters of the Chernigov Regiment. In the middle of the XIX - beginning of the twentieth century Vasilkov developed rapidly. Its population was engaged primarily in agriculture, Chumatski fishing, trade, crafts. Acted in tobacco factories, soap factories, brewery, brick and leather factories. Then she began to operate a hospital bed with twenty attendants in four doctors and five medical assistants. Education City was represented by two-year college, five male and one female school diplomas. In July 1921 Vasilkov categorized as urban villages, and in the spring of 1923, he became a district center. In 1935 Vasilkov categorized cities.