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                  Меморіальний комплекс родини Симиренків
                  Меморіальний комплекс родини Симиренків
                  Mliiv inextricably linked with the family Symyrenko. This name is known through out the variety of apples Symyrenka Reinette. Soviet history almost erased from people's memory that Symyrenka in the nineteenth century were one of the richest and most influential families not only Ukraine but the whole Russian empire. In Soviet times, the most famous of the family's son Platon Symyrenko Leo. He became one of the reasons for the collapse of formal economic empire family, because in 1879 he was arrested for participating in the movement of the populists and exiled to Siberia. In 1887, Leo returned to his native Platonovich Mliyeva. Here he engaged in business, you dreamed about since childhood - gardening. And the founder of the Horticulture Industry. Garden, laid him in the family estate, became Europe's largest collection of fruit and nut-bearing crops and the first scientific sortostantsiyeyu Empire. Leo Platonovich studied simultaneously features 3 thousand different varieties of horticultural crops. Results of scientific work was fundamental scientific work "Pomolohiya" which published as much in 1961. Today in Mliyevi, in a huge mansion Symyrenko uploaded sortostantsiyu pomolohiyi and Institute of Sciences of Ukraine. Here, surrounded by the beautiful quiet park Symyrekiv preserved house, built in 1855. The truth is imposed by the Soviet standard tile it does not look very attractive. The house is now a memorial museum. In the park a few buildings survived the late nineteenth century: laboratory nasinnyeshovyscha, greenhouses. Just look pompous Palace of Science was built in 1926. Now it Pomolohiyi Institute main building. Before him, on the lawn ornamental shrubs weird circumcision, is a monument to Leo Symyrenka. Along with the park stands Trinity Church, which was built in 1858 and served as a generic Symyrenko Shrine. Repair church recently finished and now as a new penny. "