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                  Старокиївська гора
                  Старокиївська гора
                  Starokievskaya mountain, or upper town - the historic center of Kiev, which scientists regard as a place of rule of the Kievan princes, from the legendary Kiya and up until the last rulers of pre-Mongol period. Feature of the period "the City of Vladimir" (10 century). - Construction of stone buildings. This is evidenced by the ancient foundations of stone buildings since Prince Vladimir - the foundation of the prince's palace, which was probably three storeys and richly adorned; stonework so called. Western palace, the remains of the Southern Palace, or Gridnitsy - places large gatherings, pirshestvovany prince and retinue. Place of worship and sacrifice to pagan gods was a pagan temple, the foundation is also recreated on Starokievskaya grief. Probably it was the temple of Perun - the cult center Polanski principality, and later Kievan Rus. The first who investigated the temple, was a famous archaeologist V. Hvoika, excavated it in 1908. He believed that these remains belong to a pagan temple, but served as a pillar altar, where sacrifices were carried out for a long time. Temple dates back to VI-VII century. About paganism in Ukraine is also reminiscent of the Polovtsian "woman" near the main entrance of the Historical Museum. With the advent of Christianity, instead of temples built temples on top of wood. The first stone structure in Russia has become the Tithe church on the site where archaeological excavations are carried out. When the Tithe church was the first school. It was in this temple in 1240, tried to hide from the hordes of Batu's last defenders of Kiev. Starokievskaya Mount allows you to view not only the ancient sights of history and architecture, but also nature. These include, for example, the old lime-tree, whose age is still a subject of scientific dispute.