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                  Місто Євпаторія
                  Місто Євпаторія
                  Title: Evpatoriia Status: Territory subordinate Evpatoria city council - includes, in addition to Evpatoriia, towns, Zaozerne Novoozerne and Myrnyi. Location: Evpatoriia situated in the steppe south-western part of Crimea. The city stretches 14-mile strip along the Gulf Kalamit. Population: 150 000 thousand inhabitants Area: 91.5 square meters. km. Reservoirs: Lake Moinaki, Sasyk- Sivash Lake, Lake Zhemchuzhnoe, Lake Funaki, Lake Yaly-Mainak. Founded: 6. BC. er. Historical note: In ancient times this place existed Greek city Kerkinitida, killed in 3-2 cc. BC The new story began in 1475 when the Ottomans built a fortress Gezlev (Kezlev), significantly expanding and strengthening it in the 16 century. The present name in honor of the Pontic king Mithridates VI Eupator city received in 1784 after the conquest of the Crimea by the Russian Empire. In the early 19 th century was built a new port, the city became the center of the Crimean Karaites and began to develop as a resort. Along the coastline there are numerous beaches. Nearby lakes, estuaries are used for mud, open sources of mineral water. Main attractions: St. Nicolas Cathedral, Karaite kenasas.