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                  Центральный детский парк им. Горького
                  Центральный детский парк им. Горького
                  Park was founded in 1805, the first governor of Minsk Korneev ZA and was originally named as the Governor's garden [1], in honor of the founder of the park. Park was the first public holiday destination in Belarus. It was a big park with flower beds, walkways and canals. Its area is about 18 hectares. Along its picturesque alleys were benches on which to sit quietly to rest in the shade of trees. And in one of the pillars of the park was carved in Latin: «Post laborem requies» (after work - rest). Today the park covers an area of ​​28 hectares. The park is growing more than 60 local species of trees and shrubs. Here there are rare plants LANDSCAPING - cedar pine, pine Veymutova, fir, Californian, European larch, field maple and silver, as well as some others. Preserved fine group of lindens and maples, which are more than one hundred years. Today in the pack are rides: Ferris wheel, Autodrome, Surprise, ball pool, Bluebell, Sunny, Baby Swings, Boats, Chain carousel, swings for children and others. Pride Park, of course - tall overview "Ferris Wheel", height 54 meters, from which the citizens of Minsk, and guests can view the city from a height. The youngest children can ride on electric cars and motorcycles. Older children and adults - to Paratrupere, Saturn, Shell (Waltz), Octopus, Orbit, chamomile and others. You can ride on a walking train ride on a boat on Svisloch. Besides the new Ferris wheel, the spring of 2003 established four new rides. Installed jumping on the trampoline, there was "Panic Room", as well as "A Room with laughter." Paths of the park are paved with paving tiles, installed new, stylized antique lamps, benches and litter bins. Since October 2003, the Central Children's Gorky Park declared a zone free from tobacco. In the park you can feed the ducks, which are many and Svisloch, and a river park and a pond near the stadium. Often in the park can be seen and protein. At the end of the XIX century the park has its first stadium with a cycle track, areas for lawn tennis, croquet, bowling alley. You could rent a bike, and for children arranged gymnastic classes and children's holidays. Drinks in the park were sold exclusively soft: mineral water, milk, yogurt, tea and coffee.