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            Селище міського типу Котельва
            Title: Urban-type Kotel'va Status: It is the administrative center Kotelva area. Location: Located on the left bank of the Vorskla River at the confluence of the rivers in her Kotel'va Kotelevka and 69 km. in the north-east of Poltava. Population: 13,000 thousand people Area: 26.87 square meters. km. Waterways: River Vorskla Kotel'va, Kotelevka. Founded: 1582 Historical note: The settlement emerged around Kotelva fortress built in the early 17 th century to protect the territory of Sloboda Ukraine from the attacks of Crimean Tatars. During the Northern War in 1709, a fortress destroyed the army of Swedish King Karl XII. Soon Kotelva fortress rebuilt, have significantly strengthened and it will last until the 1770's, when it disappeared a practical necessity. In the second half of the 18 th century, thanks to its advantageous geographical location, the village becomes a center of Chumatskyi fishing on Slobozhanshchyna. Beginning in 1797 Kotel'va was Sloboda Okhtyrka county, and since 1835 - Kharkov province. Despite the overall growth of population, its wealth and education, at the beginning of 20 century industry and technological advances were developed relatively weak. During the Great Patriotic War Kotel'va was occupied by German troops from 9 October 1941 to September 9, 1943 (s released three times). Sightseeing: Trinity Church, the Museum of S. Kovpak.