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                  Дворцовый комплекс Городиских
                  Дворцовый комплекс Городиских
                  The castle was built in 17 century. At the beginning of the XIX century castle in Kolyndyanah Albinovskih moved to the genus from which it inherited a noble Cornel Gorodisky. While the fortress has been destroyed. And no wonder, because the need for defensive castles had already disappeared. Therefore, the new owner, furnished our castle in his official residence in 1840, rebuilt the castle tower on the pavilions, and between them brought the classic two-story palace. The central, two-storey part of the palace - is rectangular in plan. Its front facade is decorated with a large portico with four columns of the Ionic order, which are on square pedestals. Their crowning short step gable. The facade of the palace from the park is decorated with a large central Corner with a low triangular pediment. The second floor was a large balcony, which served as a lookout terrace. Entrance to the palace complex is the gateway, which is probably left over from the old castle, on the opposite side on the slopes Nichlava was broken irregular landscape park. After the death of the owner of Cornell Gorodiskogo in 1898 the estate was inherited by his youngest son, Ludwig, Austrian castellan. During the First World War the palace was virtually destroyed. Ludwig Gorodisky began its restoration. However, some fine details were not restored. In the interwar period in the palace rooms posted for the children of the estate. In Soviet times, it functioned College, and the latter institution in the walls of the palace was a tractor brigade.