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                  Спасо-Преображенський собор
                  Спасо-Преображенський собор
                  In the center of Chernigov Val majestic temple, crowned by five domes and conical towers. This is the Transfiguration Cathedral - a unique architectural monument began in 1911. Which is the oldest Orthodox church, both in Ukraine and Russia. Only ancient Constantinople Sofia, which is now located in Istanbul, Turkey. Kiev Sofia younger Chernigov Savior a few years, and Novgorod Sofia - for two decades. Founded the church was first known Chernigov Prince Mstislav Vladimirovich Brave in the center of Chernigov Detinets. It is known that after his death in 1036, the walls of the temple, according to the Chronicle, were erected at the height of the rider standing on the horse. Unfinished during the reign of Svyatoslav Yaroslav, the cathedral became a major shrine Chernigov-Siverskaya land: here kept working icons and relics of saints. For nearly 900 years it was the cathedral of the diocese and Chernihiv center of social and public life. Here is buried the princes and spiritual rulers of the diocese. Here are buried the princes Mstislav the Brave, Svyatoslav Jaroslavovich, his son, Hleb, Oleg Svyatoslavovych, Igor II of Kiev, which is revered as a local saint of Chernigov, and many others. Here in 1246 the relics of holy martyrs of Prince Michael and his boyar Fedor, until the decree of Ivan the Terrible in 1572 power was transferred to Moscow to raise its credibility. Some scientists believe that it was buried a hero, "Lay" Prince Igor, who ruled in Chernigov in the years 1198-1201. Here are buried the hierarch Chernigovskoyeparhii Lazar Baranovich (1963), Ambrose Dubkevich (1750). Here lies transferred from Borisoglebskogosobora, power Theodosius Uglich, etc. At the time of ancient Rus Here is one of the most venerated icons in Russia - Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God ("Hodegetria"), which Monomakh moved to Smolensk. The spatial layout of the cathedral is unique: a similar design has none of the known ancient temples - here joined the scheme Byzantine cross-domed church with elements of Romanesque basilica. During the construction technology has been used mixed masonry, when along with plinfy used natural stone. Researchers have noted with astonishment that the architectural design solution Spassky Cathedral unusually clear and perfect. Over its nearly thousand-year history the cathedral has undergone a lot of destruction and rebuilding. During the taking of Chernigov in 1239, troops of Khan Meng cathedral was looted. According to tradition the cathedral were closed last defenders of the city. The wife of Prince Mstislav Glebovich, who led the defense, that would not fall into enemy hands, jumped from the window of the "redtowers" in the cathedral. Episcopal chair moved from Chernigov in Bryansk. Only in 1675 with Archbishop Lazarus Baranovichi were restored. Next thorough reconstruction of the temple was in the years 1791-1798., After the church was badly damaged by fire in 1750, when they were lost almost all of old Russian frescoes. It is said that in 1783 in Chernigov travel was Potemkin, who was very interested in the cathedral. It was on his application were allocated for repair. Unfortunately, this restructuring hurt the church more than any previous fracture. Then were added spiky towers on either side of the cathedral, which gives the similarity of the cathedral and the church, and who served as a sundial. In 1818, artist J. Yurinov painted with oil paints interior volume of the temple, which can be seen today. In 1891, were gilded dome. During the Soviet era the cathedral was a museum. Now it is again functioning temple.