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                  Курган "Чорна могила"
                  Курган "Чорна могила"
                  A burial mound is the «Black grave» - one of the greatest Old Russian burial mounds O ages which was saved on territory of Ukraine. Disposed in Chernigov not far away from the Elecko-uspenskogo monastery. On legend, exactly in the «Black grave» a prince was buried Black, which founded a city and gave him the name. A burial mound has imposings sizes: 40 m. in a diameter and 125 m. is in a circumference. The saved height is 11 m. In a historical long-ago a burial mound was surrounded by a ditch which had a width about 7 m. Researches of burial mound were conducted in 1872-1873 the known archaeologist, native of Chernigov, Dmitry by Jacob Samokvasovym. Then In 1873 on a burial mound a memorable obelisk is set. Greater part of finds is kept in the Moscow historical museum. Part of exhibits which Selfkvass presented the museum of the Kievan university is lost. It is well-proven researches, that a burial mound was considerably younger than Chernigov. In a burial mound found out the burial place of two men and woman, which was carried out on the ceremony of cremation. Warriors bury in a complete battle vestment, next to them there was a weapon – two swords, sabre, spear, saddle with stirrups, fragments of chain mail, send, tips of arrows, in feet is a shield with copper okovkoy. Next to a weapon there were a ferrous vessel with the bones of ram and bronze fire-pan with ugol'yami. Among things, related to the woman, ten sickles in feet. Also in place of burial place were found out numerous decorations, tips of belts, gold and silver bars are tailings of the decorations melted afire, bronze vessel with a money – playing bones, keys, locks, axes and chisels. Primary height of burial mound – 7m. He was dosypan after a funeral feast in honour dying. In nasype on height of a 7 mcode helmets, chain mails, lay from foundation, and, presumably, sacral objects (ferrous caldron with the bones of ram, two sacrificial knives, bronze idol and two vessels from the horns of round in the silver measured frame), fixed in the moment of funeral feast. From interesting finds are three byzantine coins, most late from which incuse in 945 – 959 On this coin a burial mound is dated the epoch of prince Svyatoslava Zavoevatelya.