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                  Устимівський дендропарк
                  Устимівський дендропарк
                  +380 (5365) 3-16-44
                  One of unikal'neyshikh standards of sadovo-parkovogo art is Ustimovskiy dendropark, which has a national value. This «green island on the south of forest-steppe» is in Globinskom district of the Poltava area, in a 35 km from Kremenchug. On territory of park over 12 thousand trees and bushes sprout a general area only 8,9 ga. The founder of park is consider a court adviser, doctor Vasiliy Ustimovich, in honour which later and a village and dendropark were adopted. The first trees on territory of Ustimovskogo of park were planted in 1893. In 1929 the government of Ukraine took him under a guard, declaring the state preserve of republican value. A park presents various collections of trees and bushes. To date it is 489 kinds, varieties, garden forms and sorts which behave to 48 monogynopaediums and 116 births. Notable is that Ustimovskiy dendropark is attractive at any time years. 82 varieties of needle-shaped plants sprout here. The emblem of park is a chekalkin nut. The motherland of this tree are northlands of China and Korea. Nowhere in our country grows him so much, how many in Ustimovke: over 110 such plants are there counted in age from one to 110 years. The decoration of park are beautifully flowerings bushes. The vegetation of different countries and world continents is presented in dendroparke. There are plants from North America, Europe, Crimea and Caucasus, Siberia, Middle Asia, Far East, China and even Himalayas. And however collection of trees of North America, which well acclimatized and are the real green decoration of park, is most full presented. Here one of the most ancient trees sprouts on Earth - ginkgo is bilobed, and also velvet Amur. By the way, last - a representative of Far East is medical characteristics also. In the future the physicians of many countries expect effective medications from him. In Ustimovke the oldest trees of this kind grow on Ukraine. Another interesnym of ekzotom dendroparka is a very rare garland form ate ordinary. It unique such plant in Ukraine, in 2007 a fir-tree «marked» the 100-years-old anniversary. In Ustimovskom dendroparke it is possible fine to rest all monogynopaedium, to enjoy singing of birds, by clean air and to delight in beauty of arboretum.