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                  Національний природний парк "Синевир"
                  Національний природний парк "Синевир"
                  +380 (3146) 2-76-18
                  +380 (3146) 2-76-90
                  +380 (3146) 2-77-40
                  Creating a national park "Synevyr" associated with a unique mountain lake, to maintain which in 1974 was organized by the landscape reserve of national importance "Synevir lake." After three years of Ukrainian intellectuals were reasonably create the landscape, and then - national park, which was created the Council of Ministers of USSR on January 5, 1989. The total area of ​​the park is 40,400.0 ha, of which 32,294.0 ha provided the park for permanent use. The area of ​​the park occupies the upper part of the catchment was Tereblya with its numerous tributaries, lakes Synevyr (4.2 ha) and Ozirtse, artificial reservoirs (klauzamy). In the park are wetlands with a spherical surface - Hluhanya (17.0 ha) and Zamshatka (2.8 ha). While the park district has long mastered by man, there is still quite a few virgin forests with rich flora and fauna. The plant life is diverse, the main vegetation type is spruce and beech forests and meadows. The park is protected 45 species of rare plants, listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Among them - Arnica montana, old moss, chill korotkolystyy, sword-grass marsh, Baranets usual, thousands of berries, pine Cedar European, satin resurgent, cranberries dribnolysta and other species. Wildlife National Park "Synevyr" diverse and represented the typical species of fauna of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Since mammals can be found here deer, brown bear, elk, wild boar, wolf, fox and other species, most of which are rare alpine burozubka, kutora small, weasel, badger, wild cat, lynx. Rare species of birds are the wood grouse, eagle, golden eagle, black stork, zavyrushka Alpine, owl, zmiyeyid, reptiles - snake ordinary and Carpathian endemy: spotted salamander, newts Carpathian and Alpine. Lake Synevyr rightly considered the most valuable natural treasure of the national park and is one of the business cards of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located 989 meters above sea level, has an average area of ​​5.4 hectares and its average depth is 8-10 m, maximum - 22 of Synevyr - the largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Lake Ozirtse, though much less in size, is no less picturesque than Synevyr. The uniqueness of the lake provides that it serves as a benchmark example of the transformation of the lake in mud horse. Marsh Hluhanya is amazing and extremely interesting in regard to scientific wonder of nature. His mode of oligotrophic and spherical surface.